Kids Finger Painting Art Game

Kids Finger Painting Art Game

Kids Finger Painting Art Game Educational

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★★★★★ Kids Finger Painting Art Game by Studios ★★★★★

Inspire your child with Finger Painting. Bring out the little artist in your child with Kids Finger Painting app while exercising fine motor skills and allowing children to be creative and develop hand-eye coordination all at the same time. Save your child's creation to your device or share with friends.
Practice color recognition with the many color choices available.
Multiple drawing modes: Touch to fill using the paint bucket, finger draw using the pencil or paint brush tools.
Large variety of inviting images to choose from makes this an excellent game for painters of all ages.

More than 900 new coloring pages for hours of finger painting fun.

★ 900+ Fun easy to color coloring pages
★ Free Ad-supported version.
★ Language: US English
★ Age Level: 1+
★ Title: Kids Finger Painting Art Game
★ Copyright 2011, Inc.

20151020: 700 New coloring pages. Bug fixes & better tablet support.
20150715: Pinch-to-Zoom now has an ON/OFF switch (users requested this feature). Smaller notification. Misc Bug Fixes.
20150523: 100 New Coloring Pages. Bug Fixes 3 New Coloring Tools
20140826: Crash Fixes for Samsung Devices
20140816: Pinch to Zoom, Bug Fixes and 4 New Drawing Tools